Jewelry Kits

In today's world, social media has given us a chance to express ourselves freely, sharing our interests and our ideas. We do not like to be restricted to the same fundamental ideas and thoughts. We want to explore the world and are no longer shy to share our unique ideas and expressions. We love carrying a unique identity and style. Solid Oak Online does exactly that; it gives you a range of different items that help you express your unique style not in the traditional old-style fashion but modern, subtle ways.

Solid Oak Online gives you the unique opportunity to design your jewelry by buying the accessories available at Solid Oak Online. However, if you are someone who is just starting out in creating jewelry, or need some design inspiration, you can opt for any of our Jewelry Kits. These Jewelry Kits give you a clear idea about what to expect from every kit. So you can look at the picture of each of the finished products and decide which one you like the best. By buying the respective jewelry kit, you can easily make the product from our DIY kit.

Our DIY Jewelry Kit Collection offers a variety of bracelets to choose from. There are many colors and designs that you can find in this collection. All the items in this collection come with clear instructions about how to transform the supplied beads and other parts into the finished product that you chose in the beginning. These jewelry kits do not only give you something classy that you can wear but also give you the experience and pride of making your item yourself. The bracelets are incredibly easy to make and can be made with friends and family. Any kit itself is also an ideal gift to give, as you also give her or him the unique experience of making the jewelry. All the kits are for $10 only.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for something that is gorgeous and at the same time carries some sentimental value.