Ready-to-Wear Jewelry

Solid Oak Online, which is majorly known for its DIY (do-it-yourself) collection, has come up with a line of accessories that continue to give you a sense of personalization by letting you spread out certain messages about your interests and life. We are talking about the Ready-to-wear Jewelry Collection which has been launched by Solid Oak Online to satisfy the needs of customers that need something special for themselves or their loved ones.

All the items in this collection represent different interests and ideas and do not require you to put in any effort. You can just buy the item and start wearing it right away or, if you are looking to give something special to a loved one, this will be the perfect gift idea.

The collection features the following types of items:

- Aromatherapy Locket Necklace

This particular product comes with a unique twist. At first glance, the beautiful heart-shaped locket necklace seems to have an antique touch. However, if you look further, you have an option of making these pendants carry your favorite scent. Yes! That's right; this beautiful pendant has a black, reusable felted pad that can give you the aroma of your favorite essential oil all day. By using this, a lot of people can reduce their daily stresses by just having the aroma of their favorite essential oil around them around your neck. These aromatherapy necklaces come at a meager price of $12.99, which is incredibly affordable as compared to the others in the same category. You have many styles to choose from. Each circular and heart-shaped locket package includes 10 re-usable felt pads to hold your different aromatherapy oils. The spherical lockets have a bit of genuine porous lava stone to hold and diffuse the scent of the essential oil.

- Floating Locket Necklace

The designs in this collection feature either a beautiful crystal studded pendant frame, or classic and elegant smooth frame that encapsulates adorable charms that help you represent your ideas and thoughts. There are numerous styles that you can choose from, each giving out a different idea or message. The charms inside the glass covered pendant seem to be floating when you wear them. This necklace is the perfect gift item and is sure to make anyone feel special.

- Inspirational Pendant Necklace

The third item is the inspirational pendant necklace. This item, again, is perfect if you feel the need to voice your ideas or represent your personality through the things you wear. The inspirational pendants have messages written on them that remind the person wearing it and the persons around them about the power of faith and belief. There are some options to choose from, and all of the items can be bought for only $3.99.

- Lace Window Necklace

This option is a subtle and delicate collection for all those who want to wear something elegant. These necklaces have a gorgeous piece of real lace sandwiched in clear glass with an antique style pendant frame. All these necklaces are sold for $3.99.