The Shambala Collection from Solid Oak Online represents a different style of DIY bead bracelets that you can wear if you wish to look classic and stylish. There are numerous color options from which to choose in this collection. Not only the colors, but you can also choose different charms to go along with your bracelet that represent things that are important to you. This collection has many different accessories that you can buy and use to make your bracelet look unique and classy. Below are the details of accessories offered in this collection:

- Shambala Beads

This is a collection of gorgeous rhinestone beads that you can use to include in your bracelets. These beads are high-quality and come in various colors. Ever-popular crystal comes in three sizes: 8mm, 10mm, and 14mm. The range of colors, such as ruby red, turquoise-color blue topaz, and peridot light green are available in 10mm beads. These beads are richly encrusted with genuine crystal rhinestones that will make your bracelet sparkle and grab everyone’s attention. In addition, there are also genuine hematite beads in two sizes that can be bought and used alone or as accents to make your bracelet look stunning.

-Shambala Charms

The Solid Oak Shambala Collection also features various charm options that you can use to make your jewelry represent things that hold importance for you. Many of these charms are designed with a slight curvature specially designed to make your bracelet comfortable on the wrist. Each features genuine crystals to add glittering sparkle to your unique jewelry. There are charms with inspirational words, such as Love, Peace, and Hope. Solid Oak also offers sparkly skulls, hamsa designs, crosses, elephants, and turtles. The selection of charms is extensive, with designs for any interest.

- Shambala Cord

The Shambala Collection also gives you an option to choose the base of your bracelet in any color. This superior quality cord comes in a range of that can be used along with the other accessories to give you a classic finished item on your wrist. Each cord package is sold as a generous 7m (over 7 ½ yards) of woven cord for $1.99 only, and includes an illustrated instruction sheet for making Shambala bracelets.

- Shambala Spikes

This silvery accessory can be used by anyone who is looking to give their bracelet a unique style. The spikes, when added to the bracelets make them look edgy and trendy.

- Shambala Bracelet Kits

In case you do not wish to experiment with the design and want something that can already be seen as a prepared classic item, you can buy the Shambala bracelet kits. These kits show you the finished product that can be made using the beads and cord supplied in the kit. The kits come with detailed and clear instructions that help you easily make the bracelets yourself. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors. All of the kits are for $10 only.

So, if you wish to give someone a stunning and classy gift item or want to own one, do not wait; order one today!