Solid Oak Online presents another one of its amazing collections under the name of Steampunk. Steampunk offers accessories based on a theme reflecting an on-trend blend of the Victorian era and the Machine Age. Steampunk has a line of unique and antique style accessories that you can use to make your jewelry look vintage and classic. Skulls, Owls, Coffins and even eyes, all of these can become a part of your jewelry, resulting in something truly extraordinary.

The Collection carries many different items with the same theme. If you are looking for an antique styled chain to go with your classy outfits, you can find copper, gold and silver colored chains in this collection. Also, you can find many rings that would look unique because of the different designs that have been chosen for them. Our rings such as the Reptile Eye Ring, Green Dragon Eye Ring or the Spider Ring will surely grab the attention of a lot of people. With eye-catching design and high-quality materials, the makers have given each ring an authentic and outstanding look. You cannot miss the rings from this collection! Because the rings are a stretch design, they comfortably fit most fingers.

The Steampunk collection offers many pendants and charms to be used in your jewelry. These accessories follow the same themes and come in various styles. All the pendants and charms are made of high-quality materials. Whether you are obsessed with the mummies or with birds and butterflies, this collection covers all your interests. There are basic gears in useful and good value assortments. There are various antique styled skeleton keys, fleurs de lis, elephants, owls, crosses, octopus charms and pendants, lockets, and our popular empty pocket watch cases in three finishes and two sizes. Wings, arrows, magnifying glasses, tiny teacups, and miniature chess pieces are among some of the many unique and versatile charms and pendants that make this line so popular within and well beyond Steampunk culture.

Solid Oak also offers a large selection of miniature bottle charms with real cork stoppers, and vials of different styles with screw-off caps. These bottles and vials can be filled with any number of small items, such as sand, tiny shells, secret messages, glitter, or whatever your imagination can choose.

So, whether you are seeking something funky and edgy for cosplay, a unique piece of jewelry to give or wear, or an original and sophisticated jewelry design to make and cherish, sure to check out the Steam Punk Collection by Solid Oak Online.