Solid Oak Online brings a collection that is sure to gain the attention of all those craft-lovers out there. Specializing in DIY (do it yourself) Jewelry, Solid Oak Online has brought together a new line of bracelets and accessories named Brianna. Brianna offers a beautiful range of easy bracelet ideas that end up giving you a beautiful and fashionable item around your wrist. The collection includes the following items:

Beaded Wrap Bracelet Kits

The first item on the Brianna Collection is the range of beautiful beaded bracelets that wrap around your wrist giving you a chic and modern look. This item contains six gorgeous color combinations at a price of only $10 each. All of these kits contain clear instructions about how to make them. The different color combinations include:


This item has a refined look of elegance with the combination of white beads with sand like brown base.


This item is perfect to wear with your casual outfits. It has a unique combination of blue beads with different shades of brown. Something you would love to have wrapped around your wrist that goes perfectly with your everyday jeans.

-Green Brick

Great to be worn with your sophisticated dresses, this one has a regale look featuring a combination of different shades of green.

-Black Magic

This is an excellent choice for all those who are addicted to wearing black. You can wear this all-black delicate bracelet with your sophisticated black dress.

-Deep Sea

Reminding you of the depth of the deep blue sea, this item comes off as serene as the sea. It features a combination of blue and black with a variety of different shades of blue beads.

-Golden Tiger

Another sophisticated item on the Brianna collection, this one has a particular class and style to it that will surely attract the attention of all those who see this delicate item on your list.


The second item offered in the Brianna Collection is the unique variety of charms. All of the charms have a beautiful, antique style. There are two kinds of charms available, the first being the ones that fit right onto your wrist and you can wear it with any thread or ribbon, the second kind are the dangling charms which you can wear as beautiful flowing messages attached to a ribbon or braids. You can also use the charms with necklaces.


The third item on the Brianna Collection features a variety of beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbons that can be worn with or without charms. They are made of 100% silk crinkle fabric and feature 24 exciting color combinations.