Steam Punk Large Watch Case - imitation silver antiqued

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Steam Punk is a synthesis of Victorian and the machine age. Solid Oak makes it easy to create amazing, unique jewelry and accessories in the Steam Punk tradition - without scavenging through yard sales and flea markets for interesting parts! Watch case opens to reveal glass inside; back pops off to insert pictures or objects behind the glass.

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45mm dia. plus stem and loop

1 Review

5th Jun 2013

Could Have Been Made Less Sensitive

The first day I got it i was washing my hands and i didn't dry them completely and i held the locket for about a minute and when i looked at it the locket had a water mark outlined in black on the front, but i cleaned it off with a dry paper towel but it took at least 20 minutes to do so, and dont be afraid to scratch it with the paper towel over fingernail but i would recommend keeping it away from the water. But it is still a very good quality product and recommend it to everyone

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